Link the World with Love through Service

The effort to help link our local community with cities around the world, recognizing their organizations and individuals who serve faithfully day in and day out, was a great success.  Our local Lion's Club, our local Fire Department, our local Church Congregation, and our local Mayor/City Council were linked to their counterparts.  Awards, recognition, entertainment, and inspiration were all a part of these many experiences.

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September 18 - November 18

Darryl R. Peebles made a journey to 30+ cities in 12 nations on 4 continents over the course of 63 days and made numerous presentations of gratitude and recognition for the service that takes place there on a daily basis.  He discovered that people are indeed very much alike everywhere and that the common thread is their willingness to serve others.  His experience in the Lions Club, Fire Service, Church Work, and Civic Roles had shown him the value of people who get up each day and serve their communities.  In the future he will be sharing these inspiring stories from all around the globe.

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Uncover the Beauty

For many years Darryl has used a napkin to illustrate the importance of revealing the beauty inside each person, organization, or experience.  It gradually developed into his trademark or signature.  On this world tour he uncovered over 150 beautiful stories of people and groups showing their love through service to others.  He also shared that little rose around the world.

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Tee Shirts Available

Tee shirts with the logos shown above (on front and back) will be available.

London, England       Peebles, Scotland     Edinburgh, Scotland      Paris, France       Luxembourg City,     Luxembourg            Frankfurt, Germany    Dusseldorf, Germany  Cologne, Germany    Brussels, Belgium Amsterdam, Netherlands    Athens, Greece            Rome, Italy                 Bologna, Italy              Venice, Italy                  Milan, Italy               Florence, Italy                  Pisa, Italy                  Bangkok, Thailand    Singapore, Singapore    Melbourne, Australia    Sydney, Australia      Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Honolulu, Hawaii, USA     Los Angeles, CA, USA


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