A letter of endorsement from the Mayor's office of The City of Graham, North Carolina 



Dear _____________:
In 2006 I had the pleasure of meeting my ‘doppelganger’ – another Darryl Peebles. This Darryl (spelt with two ‘Rs’) lives in the city of Graham, North Carolina and is a Minister with the Providence Church in the USA. Our meeting in 2006 generated wide media interest culminating in our appearance on the Jay Leno Show and locally on the Seven Network’s Good Morning Australia.
Darryl is also very active in community support roles in Graham being a volunteer fire-fighter (and the Fire Service Chaplain) with the Graham Fire Department and a charter member and officer of his local Lions Club.
He is a friend and supporter of Mayor Jerry Peterman, City of Graham, North Carolina and assists the Mayor in many social and welfare endeavors throughout his city.
Darryl is undertaking an around-the-world trip from September to November this year with the aim of recognizing organizations and individuals in parallel roles to his. His aim is to acknowledge and thank them for their service to their respective communities, and to convey to them the best wishes from the Graham-based counterparts.
The following newspaper article (written by Isaac Groves, The Times-News of Burlington,) is a great overview of Darryl’s mission.
GRAHAM, N.C. (AP) — Among the things Darryl Peebles gives his time to are the Lions Club, fire department, his church and his city. He knows he is not alone.
"They do it all around the world, and that is one of the things that holds us together," Peebles said, "and we're more alike than we are different."
On Sept. 18, Peebles, 68, and his wife Rhonda plan to take off on a two-month, 30+city, 12 country tour to meet some of the people serving their communities, see the organizations they work with, and recognize them for the roles they play. He calls it the "Link the World with Love Through Service” 2017 world tour to highlight people who serve their communities daily.
"I had a vision," Peebles said. "The world needed something positive to help lift people who wake up in the morning, they go to work, and they serve their communities."
In each city, Peebles will give an award to the city government, the Lions Club, the fire department, and a church, and to an individual within each of those organizations chosen by the locals, all signed by people from those sister organizations in Graham. It comes to about 160 awards.

I am coordinating the Hobart leg of Darryl’s trip and am suggesting a combined function to enable Darryl to make his presentations. Ideally this will occur on Saturday 4 November – either late afternoon or early evening.
I envisage the event will take about an hour, with refreshments, and will provide an excellent media opportunity. I would be grateful if I could make an appointment with you to discuss this gesture and to finalize plans. I shall call to make that appointment within the next two weeks.
Thank you for your consideration and my best wishes for now

Daryl Peebles (the Tasmanian model with one ‘R’)