Speaker and Entertainer

Having appeared before millions worldwide and have delivered thousands of speeches and presentations.

Public Servant

Bringing inspiration and practical help to the wider community for decades.  Developing organizations that continue to contribute positively to the wider area.

Creative Genius

Darryl has one of the most creative minds available and the experience and abilities to apply that talent to any setting and need.

Pageant 2008 The Winner announced

A string of successes and awards

From being honored by the governor to receiving awards in areas such as art, athletics, public service, entertaining, and much more.  Even winning a womanless beauty pageant to raise $6,000.00 for Autistic children is on the list.  Darryl's attention to detail, unmatched work ethic, and persistence has produced a track record of amazing successes.

Years of experience with all types of people

One of the major strengths of Darryl is his experience working with every aspect of society from crisis situations to totally hilarious fun experiences.  From the very young to the aged population, Darryl has charmed, delighted, inspired, educated, and challenged them all.  His experience has covered all segments of society.  One of the reasons for his success is that he simply sees all people as just people.  He doesn't focus on what makes us different, but what we share in common.




Allow Darryl the opportunity to explore ways of bringing this excitement into your life and help uncover the beauty that already exists there.