2017 World Tour “Link the World with Love through Service”

I have spent 68 years serving others in many areas of life.
….helping found hunger fighting efforts to raise over a million dollars.
….helping found a homeless center and community kitchen
….responding to over 4,500 fire calls
….helping expand the local Lions Club efforts and serving the visually and hearing impaired
….serving the city and county on numerous committees and organizations
….entertaining literally millions of people
….uncovering the beauty in other people and organizations

I still actively do this each day!


1….Service is a big common denominator around the world
2….We are more alike than different, even though we look different and sound different
3….People’s service around the world is a reason we are still functioning so well on this planet
4….The places I’m going have been doing these things much longer than us
5….We owe a lot to them and their example
6….I might be able to thank these people and let the world see how important service is to our societies

As a member of our fire department, I see people serve unselfishly every day.
As a member of our Lion’s Club, I see people serve unselfishly every day.
As a member and pastor in our church, I see people serve unselfishly every day.
As an active citizen in my city, I see people serve unselfishly every day.

I am inspired by their lives and stories every day.

These organizations here joined me in preparing awards
to honor those around the world who do the same things each day.

Aside from uncovering their beauty of service and thanking them with these awards,
I hope to let the people back here be inspired as I have been.

The Lions Club motto is “WE SERVE!” We have just celebrated the 100th year anniversary!
We were challenged to do something big for that occasion.

I am a small person in a small community with small tasks every day,
but added to all the people around the world doing the same thing, it becomes big.

To raise all the money to make this happen
and to find a way to take the 63 days away from my daily tasks was big,
but it has happened with help from many people.

The money was raised, the details of finding and honoring these wonderful servers world-wide was handled, the 12 nations and over 30 cities on 4 continents were visited in 63 days, and 150 presentations to these inspirational groups and individuals was completed.

Thank you for all your help in making this happen around the world!

Darryl R. Peebles
www.darrylpeebles.com             336-516-3793